You need a video produced to reach a specific audience. You need it done fast, want it to look amazing, and most importantly, need it to deliver the right message.
We get it.

Our Latest Work

About Ardica

ThreeTwoFive produced this "About Us" video to showcase the amazing technology Ardica is building for both military and consumer products. Using novel fuel chemistries, fuel cells, and clever engineering, they are designing products that deliver more energy for less weight and volume than ever before.

ThreeTwoFive Demo

Specializing in corporate and brand needs, ThreeTwoFive produces promotional videos, documentaries, web series, branded entertainment, corporate videos, commercials and more. This reel demonstrates various client-based productions geared towards promoting products, educating consumers on newly available features, and brand growth.

ProductionBeast: Help Save a Puppy

Staffing a Production is Hard. Now It's Easy. ProductionBeast is a free networking platform that connects producers with the best freelancers and vendors for the job based on the recommendations of people they know and trust.

An LA Startup: PageWoo

ThreeTwoFive produced this documentary-style look at "Pagewoo", one of the hottest tech startups in Los Angeles. Jason Crilly and Holden Steinberg share their struggles, successes, and surprises as a fledgling company striving to change the way we interact on a global scale.

ShopRunner: Pickup Points

In order to educate consumers as to how ShopRunner’s service works, ThreeTwoFive brought ShopRunner’s logo to life and developed a series of animated videos to run on ShopRunner’s website explaining just what the company does and the many benefits it offers consumers. This is the ninth chapter in that 9 part series. Created in collaboration with Pixie Dirt.